CBD & Me: Lou's Pain to Freedom Story

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CBD & Me: Lou's Pain to Freedom Story
Over the years, we’ve heard many fantastic stories about how Orange County CBD products have affected people’s lives and recently decided to start collecting them to share them with you, our CBD community.
Follow our “CBD & Me” series to learn about Orange County CBD and how it is impacting people’s lives worldwide.

Tell us about yourself
My name is Lou Paget, and I come from Bristol, UK. I’m a single parent of a disabled child with complex needs. I used to write, gig and run an organisation that supported families with disabled and life-limited kids. Because of escalating health issues, I had to stop almost all of that. Now my social life has mostly translated online, which can feel challenging and isolating but also incredibly freeing in other ways. I’ve now had long covid for nearly two years and have also picked up diagnoses for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia, both of which I’m struggling in a very real, day-to-day (sometimes hour by hour) way to come to terms and cope with.

As a writer, it’s heart-breaking to have hands that are too stiff and painful to use anymore.

What was your reason for purchasing CBD?
Friends of mine with similar health issues had urgently recommended me to try it for some of the difficulties I’m facing.

How did you come across Orange County CBD?
Exhaustive Google search looking for the company that just felt “right”. In the end, and oddly, I was linked to your site by our local (right-wing tabloid-owned) paper which said you were the best.

What impact has CBD had on your life?
Within 30 minutes of eating my first gummy, my hands and fingers (usually frozen into a painful and stuffed position, with fingers that often lock in place) were back to their full range of movement and completely pain-free. Within an hour of taking it, my hips and shoulders were also pain-free — I was sitting, standing and walking without any pain.

Of course, I did far too much with that first breath of freedom and exhausted myself! But it was exhilarating to enjoy 5 hours of release from pain, and it gives me hope that I can at least return to writing and be more able to inhabit my life and home again.

What would you say to anyone nervous/unsure about trying CBD?
Make the mental separation from cannabis and look for the science. Do a little research into dosage and talk to others about their experiences. You have nothing to lose from trying — except relying upon health “care” systems that would rather risk opioid addictions for ineffective pain relief than offer you a far less damaging alternative that they still refuse to test.

We have thousands upon thousands of stories — like mine — from people who find enormous relief and benefit. There’s nothing to risk from trying it. If it doesn’t work for you, you can try to alter the dosage and delivery method but, ultimately, have lost nothing. 

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