What Is The Best Wattage To Vape?

Best wattage to vape at

What Is The Best Wattage To Vape?

Best wattage to vape?

Here at Orange County CBD, we are constantly being asked what is the best wattage to vape?

This is a great question as ultimately, the wattage you vape at influences your vaping experience.

That's why many people want to know the ideal wattage to get the most out of every vaping moment. Unfortunately the real answer is that there is no single wattage that is good for everyone.

You have to personalise your experience, which means you'll need to try out different wattages before sticking to what works best for you. Some users enjoy their vape at 10 watts, while others feel that 90 watts is perfect for them.

Whether you’re making the transition from traditional cigarette smoking to CBD vaping or you’re a complete beginner, it’s important to know more about vaping devices in order to choose one that fits your style.

The specific vape juice you use, due to their differing ingredients and ratios, also plays a role in deciding the best wattage to vape.

While many factors go in to determining the best wattage to vape at, finding out that perfect level is essential to getting the most from your vaping experience. With a little patience and a few experiments you’ll soon be vaping in the best possible way.

Understanding Your Device

Many larger vaping devices, namely box mods, have adjustable wattage settings on their controls. If your device can be set at 100W it will vaporize the e-liquid much faster than one set at 30W.

When you increase the output you are setting the device to draw a higher voltage from the battery, also meaning that the coil will reach a higher temperature and may burn out faster.

When choosing your vaping device it’s a good idea to pick one with adjustable wattage settings, as this will allow you to experiment with different wattage levels until you find the best one.

You also need to understand the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance to help inform your decision.

Every device has a different coil resistance, generally ranging from 0.1 to 3.0 ohms, though it can go even lower. If your device has a 2 ohm coil, the ideal voltage to vape at will be somewhere between 3.3 and 4.0 volts.

Devices that have higher ohms or a higher resistance coil will allow you to vape at a high wattage. Beginner vapers may find it easier to start off with a low-wattage device that is mainly designed to mimic traditional means of smoking. A low-powered device also gives you a longer battery life and less juice consumption.

Every tank has a coil with a set resistance. The lower the resistance, the more wattage the device will use. This will result in more vapour, more flavour, and more hits to the throat. High resistance coils produce cooler vapour with less current.

Do not forget to pay close attention to the coil. If you notice a burnt taste when you vape at a higher wattage, there’s a chance you’ve gone too far. This burnt taste can be especially common if you like to take long and deep drags as you vape.

This also means that you should get ready to replace the coil as soon as possible, as there’s a good chance you’ve burned the coil out.

Know Your E-Liquids

E-liquids come in various flavours from relatively simple menthol to more complex chocolate and vanilla, traditional tobacco flavours and many more. It is also possible to make your own vape juice at home.

Although this certainly is not for everyone, this is the most personalised your vaping experience can possibly get.

If you prefer a fruity flavour you may have to use a lower wattage as these liquids tend to work best with lower heats. This also goes for menthol flavours, because when they heat up slowly you will experience their cooling effect more.

Stronger, richer flavours like chocolate, tobacco, or coffee require a high wattage as their flavours come out more at high temperatures. Adjusting the wattage levels as per your e-liquid's flavour will allow you to get more out of each e-liquid.

Apart from enhancing the flavour of your e-liquid, the wattage you use will also influence the throat hit you get. If you want to vape at low wattage to fully enjoy the flavour of your e-liquid and still get a good throat hit, consider an e-liquid that has a higher PG content. 

It should also be noted that e-liquids containing nicotine produce a stronger throat-hit than others, even at lower temperatures.

How Much Vapour Do You Want?

The e-liquid you choose and the wattage you pick will also determine the amount of vapor you will produce. Many people vape because they enjoy the large clouds of vape, and plenty even use it to perform tricks.

Tricks like the jellyfish, the ghost hit, the waterfall and many others require a lot of vapour, which means vaping at a higher wattage. Certain tricks simply aren’t possible to do on smaller devices as their vapour production is too low.

If you’re set on doing tricks or want to make some big clouds, you’ll need to go with a more powerful device capable of a high wattage.

Though vaping at a high wattage will give the coil more power and allow you to produce a lot of vapour, you will end up using even more e-liquid.

If you do not want to use more than 10ml of e-liquid each time you vape, or want to create cooler vapour that is smoother on the throat, you may want to consider vaping at a lower wattage.

If you try not to exceed 40 watts on your device you may find your e-liquid lasting much longer.


There is no one-size-fits-all wattage level for vaping. The best wattage to vape at is determined by the e-liquid you are using at that particular moment, the minimum and maximum wattage levels of your device, your level of expertise, and the amount of vapour you want to create.

All of this can shift with time and your own personal tastes, so when it comes to wattage its best to keep an open mind.

Feel free to experiment with different wattage levels until you are able to get that perfect vaping experience. The most customisable box mods will come with in-depth power controls, allowing you to set everything from specific wattage output to even setting a shifting power gradient that increases or decreases as you drag.

These aren’t entirely necessary however, as the more common devices are perfectly suited to supporting many different wattage requirements.

Although your tastes may change, don’t be afraid to try new wattage levels with an adjustable device, or by switching to a new device when the time is right.

Wattage is an often overlook part of vaping, but it can be that last key to making your vaping experience perfect. If you take the time and effort to find the right wattage for you then you’ll be doing everything you can to get the most from vaping.

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